Kitchen Backsplash Ideas With Mixed Materials: Combining Natural Stone, Ceramic and Glass Tiles in a Kitchen Design

While a simple kitchen backsplash using only one color and style of tile can have appeal and work well in a number of homes, eclectic, mixed material kitchen backsplashes also have a lot to offer. Combining ceramic tile with glass, or metal tiles with natural stone can help to create a kitchen backsplash with unique appeal.

Choosing Materials that Work Together

There are many ways to combine materials to create a unique and personalized kitchen backsplash. If the kitchen has a cohesive theme already, and the homeowner wishes to keep all the materials referring back to it, such as a farmhouse kitchen, Tuscan kitchen or slate kitchen, then choose materials that complement one another.

Hand-cut glass tiles have a rustic appeal that works well with slate, tumbled marble or handmade ceramic tiles.

Rustic metal tiles pair well with slate or tumbled marble as well. Iridescent glass, however, works better with clean edged, contemporary ceramic tiles or with polished or honed marbles.

For kitchens with merging styles, however, the materials can stand at odds with one another. This is done to either draw additional attention to one of the two materials or as a way to pull together two areas of the kitchen design.

If using custom glass tiles, with a pattern as a border running through the kitchen, then very simple, matte ceramic tiles would set the glass off and all additional attention to them.

Homes with both contemporary and rustic elements, such as a honed counter with ornate cabinetry, can pair together etched stone tiles with glass mosaics. If the mosaics are in a similar color to the color inlaid into the stone, then despite their disparate looks, the two materials will work together and help harmonize the kitchen.

Blending Colors and Materials

Two toned kitchens, or kitchens which have a great deal of color in them, can make use of a mixed material backsplash as an additional way to pull the kitchen colors together.

In the case of a two toned kitchen, where a kitchen island has a different color scheme than the rest of the kitchen, allow the island colors to become the predominate colors in the kitchen backsplash. Pull the field tile colors from the island counter. Then, using a different material, pull the accent colors from the main counter.

The two materials will work together to pull the kitchen design into a cohesive statement.

Try using tumbled marble tiles in a color that compliments the island counter, such as Travertine Chiaro with Giallo Ornamentale. Then use hand poured glass tiles in a color that reflects the main counter, such as a deep root beer brown with Imperial Coffee Brown counters, in 1” tiles that are cut into the corners of the marble. The materials will complement each other with their texture, while their colors act as an anchor for the rest of the kitchen design.

A mixed material kitchen backsplash can be used to highlight different aspects of a home’s design, as well as create a cohesive kitchen design. Pull colors and textures from rooms off the kitchen to help bring the areas together.

Use kitchen backsplash tile of different materials and create a kitchen design that is as personal as it is beautiful.

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